March Newsletter

Mount Vernon

Baptist Association

March 2016



     We have just celebrated the most wonderful day on the Christian calendar.  I hope that your celebration was as good as mine was.

     Millions of Christians around the world took this day to come together and worship our Savior. It is the most attended worship day of the year.  It is great to be able to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, to know that He is not dead but He is alive.  This is something that no other religion can say.

     The question that follows is, “What now?”  Is it to be life as usual, or does Jesus want to do something in our lives.  In John chapter 21 Jesus answered that question for Peter.  Peter had wanted to go fishing, back to the old life, but Jesus said to him “Feed my sheep”.  The resurrection should mean so much to us we would want to do as He commanded.  There are a lot of folk out there that do not know Jesus as Savior and Lord.




          The women of the Mount Vernon Baptist Association came together for a wonderful meeting on the 15th.  Dr. Ricky Thrasher of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board came and shared with the ladies.

     It was a wonderful thing to see over 55 in attendance from 12 different churches. “I was so pleased to see that so many  came” said Cindy.  She had hoped for 30 or so to be in attendance and was very happy with the turn out and the great spirit.  Thanks ladies for making her happy.

     Dr. Thrasher was very pleased and said that he would like to come and talk to the men about ministries we could get involved in.



Many of our churches are having their spring revivals and would like for you to come and be a part.  I don’t have all the listings, but here are ones I have:

Pleasant Grove – April 3-6

Union Hill – April 11-13

New Home – April 18-20

If you have your Revival scheduled let us know and we will get it on Facebook and on the website.


Coming up in April


April    5th – Sisterhood meeting at New                             Home

            11th – 12th –Evangelism Conference

            12th – Brotherhood at New Bethel

            13th – Seniors at Pleasant Plains -                           11AM

            18th – Young at Heart at Pleasant                            Hill- 11AM

            24th – Leadership Team meeting                            2:30 PM at Associational                              Office.

            25th – Women on Mission at                                    Bethany Baptist


Check us out on the website


From the Christian Index


ATLANTA — On Monday morning in a televised statement (comments begin at 12:05 mark) Governor Nathan Deal announced his decision to veto House Bill 757 – the “Free Exercise Protection Act.” He did not remain at his podium after his announcement, because he knew there would be considerable pushback from his statement.

     Subsequent to his announcement, Deal vetoed the bill that had for three years presented him perhaps the most monumental challenge of his tenure as governor.  However, the bill simply stated that the government cannot intrude on the religious rights of an organization or an individual unless it has a compelling interest to do so.

     The governor, who signed the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in 1993, has made a decision that has undoubtedly disappointed the vast majority of those who twice voted for him and who are responsible for putting him at the helm of the state government.  As a result of his promised veto Deal has decided to go against not only those who put him in office, but the votes of both the House and Senate. However, there is speculation on the part of some that the whole issue was rigged from the beginning – that some of the legislators, who are campaigning for another term in office, were promised that if they voted “yes” to HB 757 to endear themselves to their constituents, the governor would veto the bill to protect them, because he doesn’t have to face re-election.

     His announcement was a devastating blow to the faith community and millions of Georgians. While special interest groups described the bill as “discriminatory” and big corporations threatened to move out of the state or choose other states for their business enterprises, the governor decided to discriminate against the faith community.

     To most conservatives the “religious liberty” legislation has been the most important bill to be considered by state government officials in years. In fact, the governor may find it difficult to get support for other issues, which he deems important, because of his disappointing veto of this measure. reports, “Already, several conservative lawmakers have vowed to call for a ‘veto session’ to rebuke the governor (for) reject(ing) the measure. It takes a three-fifth majority in both chambers to call a special session, and a two-thirds majority in both chambers to override a veto – a threshold the bill failed to reach by one vote in the Senate and 16 in the house.”


                                Evangelism Conference


To offer pastors, staff and church members a worship experience where they are inspired and motivated to reach more with the gospel. To send attendees home with more to share with their church so that the gospel might be shared to reach their community and beyond for Christ


Target Audience

Any pastor, church leader or lay person who wants to reach more with the gospel. Whether contemporary, traditional or blended, whether you’re leading a church plant or a legacy church, if you care about souls and the gospel… join us for a rich experience of worship, preaching, challenge and inspiration.