January 2018  
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Mount Vernon Baptist Association

February 2017


From My Heart

            I have been blessed this week to be in four of our churches and to feel the joy of being with some very fine Christian people.  I was invited to have a wonderful Valentine meal and great fellowship with the good folk at Jackson’s and Brown Memorial Churches. I also had the great pleasure of worshiping with two of our churches.

            I am convinced that we as an association have some of the very best churches anywhere.  The fellowship is wonderful and the preaching is uplifting.  We need to invite more people to come and experience this joy.

            Cindy and I also attended a retreat with other Associational Missionaries on Compassion Ministries.  There are a lot of ministries that Georgia Baptist are involved in and many that we can get involved in. I hope to see us get more involved in the coming days.

            Thank you for all that you and your churches do to share the good news.


 Bro Bill


Mission Opportunities




            As Christians we know that the Bible teaches us that we are all ministers.  This means that we are all called to be witnesses for the Lord (Matthew 28:18-20).  It also means that as Jesus showed compassion, we are to do likewise (Luke 6:36).  However, it seems that we often feel that we can leave this ministry to the “experts,” the ones with special ministries to the poor and downcast.

            I am very pleased to see so many of our churches taking the responsibility of helping others upon themselves.  I just heard from Dr. White of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board that Georgia Baptist churches are responding in great ways.  The latest count on the Backpacks for Appalachia is over 35,000.  This is helping children in a region that has 17% of the population below the poverty level.

            We in MVBA have also helped in this ministry.  We prepared and delivered over 190 backpacks to the Appalachian region.  We thank Jackson’s, Harrison and Pleasant Grove Baptist churches for delivering these backpacks.  We also thank the many churches that helped in packing these backpacks and giving money for that purpose.

            We also felt that our area children needed some love also so over 80 packages were prepared and delivered to children of Johnson County.  I am still receiving reports from churches about other ministry efforts in our area and to other countries.  It is a true blessing to see churches following the example of Jesus.  Keep it up!




            In the Great Commission, Jesus tells us that we are to minister to the people at home, to the area around us and to the rest of the world.  We as Southern Baptist do a great job with the Cooperative Program.  We send out missionaries to all parts of the world as well as to our own country.  You are a part of this effort through your giving to Georgia Baptist and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

            We also have an opportunity to join with Pleasant Grove Baptist and to do something special for a group in Uganda.  This ministry reaches families and children that have been overlooked by so many.  We can help the Faith Baby Home that is trying to get to the point of being self sufficient and continuing to reach out to those in their area. We can also help with their ministry of training pastors for the ministry.

            We gave $462.00 at the Annual meeting and would like to help in other ways.  We have been asked to pray for this ministry and the people who we can all do. We have also been asked to help with finances to build a chicken coop and buy some chickens.  There is also a need for the young women in the area and the school children.  These are some of the needs that you and some of the groups in your church may be able to help with.

            Pleasant Grove is planning a yard sale in the near future to help raise funds for the trip and the ministry.  You can contact Pastor Chris Mitchell for more information at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

            Again, thank you for your caring!


Puppet Ministry


Scott Baptist Church has a youth puppet ministry that they would like to share with your church.  Contact Scott Baptist or Steve DeRaps at 915-541-5394.


Fish Fry


Riddleville Baptist Church is in the process of some needed renovations and is having a Fish Fry.  The tickets are $9.00 and the meal can be picked up or eaten at the church.

It will be on March 4th.  For more information contact the church at 478-552-5384 or Pastor Daniel Porter 478-232-2118.



Easter Musical


The Associational Choir will be presenting an Easter musical on Palm Sunday, April 9th at 6pm.  If you would like to be a voice in this please contact Sharon Ivey.



Annie Armstrong Easter Offering



            The early church worked together effectively for the Kingdom of God.  In Acts chapter 8, Philip preached Jesus to the lost people of Samaria and God’s Spirit worked great results.

            Today 2000 years later, the Church is still preaching the same name that saves lives, JESUS. The North American Mission Board partnering with thousands of Southern Baptist Churches send missionaries to unreached cities of North America.


Your prayers and support are vital to this effort.  Please pray for what God will have you do.


The Annie Armstrong Easter offering is the primary funding for NAMB’s efforts.  One hundred percent of gifts given are used to support missions in the United States and Canada.

Here is how the Annie Armstrong Offering money is used.







Thank you for all that you do for the Kingdom of God.