January 2018  
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October is “Pastor Appreciation Month.”  It is a great time to tell, and show, your pastor how much you care about him. We in Mount Vernon Baptist Association have a lot of very fine pastors.  Several of them work other jobs so they can pastor your church.  Each one of them give of themselves so you can grow in your relationship to God.  I thank God that I have the privilege to call each one of them a friend.

                                                                                          Pastor Appreciation Poem
                                                                                                                                                               by: Anonymous
--You kneel with people at the worst time of their life – Giving them hope and sharing with them the Bread of Life.
--You stand with people at the best time of their lives –Sharing the sweetness life has for them.
--You walk with people through their everyday life –Encouraging, sharing, giving, bringing
seasoning and flavor to the soul.
--Let this day serve as a reminder that while you walk, when you stand, as you kneel;
His Word, the Bread of Life will give you strength;
His Spirit gives sweetness to your days; and your life is seasoned by those who support you with their love & prayers.

How can I show my pastor I care?

Here are a few thoughts and ideas to get you started.

Great Annual Meeting


                                                                            Rev. Donnie Baker               Dr. J. Robert White

     The 158th Annual Meeting of the Mount Vernon Baptist Association was a tremendous time.  We had 17 of our 22 churches represented at the meeting and around 51 people that came in support. 

     The morning service was great and featured wonderful congregational music and two specials by Sue Page of Adrian Baptist and Phil Wilson of New Home Baptist.  We were blessed with two powerful messages by Rev. Donnie Baker of Union Hill and Dr. J. Robert White of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

     The reports from various people were all positive and showed a great spirit of cooperation by our churches.  There was some needed business conducted and new officers were elected.

     Thank you to Bethany Baptist for a wonderful meal and to you and your church for all you accomplished this past church year.



Mission Opportunities



We would love for you and a group from your church to select one or more of these mission opportunities and begin to help.  We need your help!  Please let us know and we will get you more information.


Prayer Needed

I was reminded this morning as I went out for coffee and saw several Red Cross disaster relief trucks on the road that we need to continue praying for the families of those that lost love ones in hurricane Matthew.  We also need to remember those that are returning to their homes and businesses that may have been damaged by the storm. 


Looking Ahead


Revivals in our Churches :

            Union Hill        October 10 – 12 – Each Night


            Rehobeth         October 10 – 12 – Each Night



            New Bethel                 October 16th  -11 AM


            Pleasant Plains            November 13th -11AM